Many of the Festivals and Events happening during the Nevada Beer Weeks celebration need extra volunteers to help make things run smoothly. If you'd like to participate in this way, join the Nevada Brew Crew

  As a member of the "NBC", you'll have the opportunity to be part of the festival and event staff that makes things happen, help the brewers serve beer, meet people, and have fun! Best of all, volunteers typically receive complimentary beer and often custom collectibles like glassware, hats and shirts... More often than not, there's an after party too! 

  Sound like this is for you? Click on the NBC logo and join the Nevada Brew Crew




  We have 2 levels of personnel both highly motivated to help as volunteers. These are the Beer Servers on the tap lines, and Event Staff providing all other duties in the field. Everyone is of legal age and a beer lover ready to help you out. 

  The Beer Servers are experienced with all the equipment used, and properly certified with the required Alcohol Awareness / TAM cards, Health cards, and some even have Sheriffs cards. 

  The Event Staff prefer to take care of the other things needed from set-up to tear-down. They're ready to move ice, check ID's and wrap wristbands, hand out mugs and glassware, greet guests, run errands, and do anything else to help you have a smooth flowing event.

  The Nevada Brew Crew is very reasonable! They're happy to do all this in exchange for some event collectibles, liquid appreciation during their shift, and maybe an after party or some "comps" at the end of the day. Contact the "NBC" office if this sounds like a solution for you.


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