How does "Nevada Beer Weeks!" work and who's involved? 

  In 2006, the Brewers Association of America held the first American Craft Beer Week with the goal of creating a nationwide celebration for the craft beer community. This annual event would provide the opportunity for brewers to connect with their associates, and the beer loving public.

  Since then, "The Mother of All Beer Weeks" has inspired additional celebrations held throughout the year in almost every state of the USA. Early in 2011, the Nevada Brewers Guild organized the first Nevada Beer Week starting the day after "ACBW" ended. Then in 2012, the "NBW" celebration expanded to become 13 additional days of great events! Continuing again this year as a Nevada Beer Lovers special project, make plans to participate in the 4th Annual Nevada Beer Weeks! 

  Combining ACBW and NBW, the entire 2015 celebration runs from May 11th thru May 30th, and is open to all businesses who produce, serve or provide great beers anywhere in Nevada. All pubs, bars, breweries, restaurants, retailers, distributors and organizations that want to have any size event that features great craft beer should be participating! 

  These events can be as simple as an extra happy hour, or as complex as a multi-day festival. Naturally, we want to support our local breweries, but the bigger picture here is that the beer loving public visit some new places, and try as many American and Nevada craft beers as possible during the 3 week celebration. 

Where are the events and who organizes them? 

  We encourage everyone statewide to join in the celebration! This means that breweries, pubs, bars, restaurants, and retail locations need to have their managers, promoters, bartenders, brewery representatives and hosts planning to have special events!

   Locations can be anywhere that craft beers are served. Downtown, on the Strip, off the Strip, the suburbs, inside, outside, in the basement, up on the roof, on the patio, balcony or backyard, by the pool, at a park or even just in the parking lot. Ask your favorite places to participate!  

What does it cost to attend? 

  The festivals and events are individually operated, so each will have a different cost. In general, the festivals will have tickets available in advance and at the gates. These are typically a "one charge covers all" fee where you'll receive a wristband and a mug for the duration of the festival. Additional costs for food and other beverages may apply. Check the individual websites. 

  Smaller events will each have their own costs set by the hosts. For example, a tapping party might feature a complimentary beer and an appetizer for the first 50 people who RSVP, while a beer dinner could have a set price that covers 5 courses of beer and food. Tasting events usually have a brewery representative serving samples, while another version might feature a line-up of beers at a special rate. Use the contact information in each event listing if you need more details.

Why does the Calendar navigation button list Festivals and Events separately?

  With over 3 weeks of events and 2 regions to cover, separate pages let you find what you're looking for quickly. The Festivals page features the weekend celebrations where over 500 beer lovers will be having good times and great beers! We're building the annual celebration to start with a "Kick-Off" and end with the "Finale" in both regions. 

  The Events page lists all additional events that are the bulk of the "Nevada Beer Weeks!" celebration. This calendar is designed to see the Las Vegas and Reno regions separately, or in a combined view of all events. Scroll through the weeks and select a day to see what's happening. Click on an individual event for the full details of the listing. 

Who benefits from the "Nevada Beer Weeks!" celebration?  

  With all the festivals and special events, great places and huge variety of beers that will be available, the easy answer is: Every beer lover in Nevada

  And of course, all those who work in the breweries, pubs, beer bars, restaurants, retail locations, distributors and organizations having unique events that feature and support the craft beer industry! 



What are the details about listing events on the Add Events page? 

  This website is designed so event hosts can easily post their listings to the Nevada Beer Weeks Calendar using an online listing interface. On the Add Events page, click on the Sign Up button and create your Log In credentials. This is simply your name, password and conatct information. Once this is complete, you'll have access to the Events Form. Log in and out as often as needed to add or edit your event listings until the day of the event. Do at least 1 special event for your customers! Be part of this years official calendar!

  We suggest that you post your events early for maximum exposure on the calendar. The purpose and energy behind "Nevada Beer Weeks!" is to promote great beers in as many places as possible. Other events in the area may be happening at the same time or overlap your event times. There are no "lock-outs" on time slots as this is a statewide celebration. Join in and move some great craft beers! 

  The Festivals page listings are posted by the NBW staff as we coordinate directly with the festival  organizers. These festivals are a big part of the celebration and will offer some of the largest varieties of great craft beers! Festivals are also listed on the Events page calendar so attendees can easily plan their schedules.  

How much does it cost to list events? 

  As usual, the FIRST LISTING IS FREE! Get your staff together, plan some fun for your regulars and new customers, and serve great beers! Pricing options for additional event listings can be found on the Add Events page by clicking on the Sign Up button. The pricing structure is very reasonable, and all funds collected go towards advertising and marketing this annual 3 week celebration and then the future NBW events. 

How can we sponsor "Nevada Beer Weeks!"  

  The "Nevada Beer Weeks!" project is the best opportunity for you to support the entire Nevada craft beer industry each year. Partnering though sponsorship in the 2014 celebration helps promote a great number of local companies that employ hundreds of workers. These people are the backbone of the industry who then make thousands of Nevada residents and tourists happy everyday. 

  Your investment will directly benefit the state's economy and provide you with huge visibility and recognition potential at events where everyone's having a great time!

  As official sponsors, your logos and information will be featured at the events, on the print items, other media and here on this website. Sponsors who want to host events also receive an unlimited number of event listings on the "Nevada Beer Weeks!" calendar as a major value perk.  

  Without exaggeration, it would be tremendous to have your support on this project. For a printable sponsors information sheet click here: NBW14 Sponsors Sheet  Please contact the office for more information and to discuss how we can best accommodate you for your help in making this year's "Nevada Beer Weeks!" celebration a fantastic success for all involved!  

Where will "Nevada Beer Weeks!" be promoted? 

  Print advertising such as posters, coasters, 6-pack stuffers and rack cards will be placed at the breweries, bars, restaurants, retail outlets and at all partners and participating locations. Depending on our budget and sponsors we also have plans to produce spots with local broadcast partners.  

  We aim to have as much print coverage as possible in the Las Vegas Review Journal, Reno Gazette Journal, Las Vegas Weekly, Seven Magazine, Reno Passport and several other local print and digital publications in the Las Vegas and Reno areas. Sponsors logos and links will be featured here on the site, and in print when possible. All news and feautured articles will be reproduced on the News page.

  Online we'll use social media networks Facebook, Twitter and Yelp to full advantage. Everyone visiting the "Nevada Beer Weeks!" website can also sign-up to receive email updates. If participating location hosts use their email lists and newsletters to promote their events and the celebration, this will help produce a vast cross-promotional marketing effect reaching many new customers! 

  All of this should create a big buzz! This is the 5th year of the celebration, but as we grow annually, we plan to expand through tourism and travel partners, and with regional and national advertising campaigns to help build "Nevada Beer Weeks!" into one of the best craft beer celebrations in the USA! 

Where and when are some of the other beer weeks in the USA? 

  Beer Weeks are a growing trend in the American craft beer scene and happen at different times throughout the year. Here are a few of our closest favorites and each has many great special events:        .         http://arizonabeerweek.com/            http://sfbeerweek.org/            http://sdbw.org/  

What's the status of "Nevada Taps!" magazine and app? 

  In 2011, we came up with the idea of producing a magazine to be distributed each year during the  "Nevada Beer Weeks!" celebration called "Nevada TAPS!" This annual publication will be a big, beautiful, "coffee table style" collectible featuring the people and places in the Nevada beer scene, and a great souvenir for locals and tourists. 

  This is still part of the grand scheme, but moved to the back burner. For now, we've switched focus to produce the "Nevada TAPS!" app! Currently in the development stage, this streamlined version of the publication will be "Your Guide to Great Beers" here in Nevada. Featuring all the breweries, pubs, bars, restaurants and retailers that serve great craft beer, this will be a valuable asset for all local and visiting beer lovers!  The download site is:  www.NevadaTaps.com 


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