• In Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Epicurean Affair
  • 6:00PM
  • @ The Palazzo Poolside Patios
  • 3325 S Las Vegas Blvd
  • (702) 607-7777
  • http://www.nvrestaurants.com/?page=epicurean

  • Featured Beers:
    Top shelf beers from Wirtz Beverage and other specialty beer providers

  • Event Description:
    The Las Vegas Epicurean Affair is a remarkable evening that gives its guests a delightful taste of why the Nevada restaurant industry is famous for its superb and unique fare. World renowned chefs from around the city prepare their signature creations for your enjoyment.  With nearly 75 of Las Vegas’ finest restaurants, nightclubs and beverage purveyors represented, this affair promises to tantalize your senses with culinary splendor. 

  • Event Type:
    • Tasting / Sampling
    • Collectables
    • Live Music
    • Special Guests
    • Need Tickets
    • Cover Charge
    • Appetizers

  • Additional Details

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